A Mother's Love & Pink Grapefruit EO

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One Small Story:


Last year, my son suffered the loss of his grandmother, his wife—through divorce, moved across the country and then his father. To say it was a year full of huge grief and changes would be an understatement. And, as his mother, as any mother is , I was very concerned. How would he weather these changes? Would he be able to survive the tempestuous storm that was his life?


I was very worried it would be too overwhelming. That he may spin out and be unable to handle the demands of his rigorous career which includes flying to various clients and dealing with the added pressures of the very competitive high-tech industry.


Normally, he Is the charming child who always has a smile on his face, a dimple in his chin, and a helping hand to everyone whom he meets. But, last year, I could see the weight of his burdens beginning to crush his spirit.


As we met for a short walk on a cold winter’s day before he left to drive across the country with his car packed with belongings, I didn’t bring him chocolate chip cookies. I brought him Pink Grapefruit seed oil.

I also brought him more expensive and exotic essential oils. And, because essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier which is a goal scientists struggle to achieve daily, they are able to cause effect to our amygdala which regulates our feelings. Through both hormones and electromagnetic impulses these tiny molecules stimulate our physical bodies. And, essential oils do this very easily and are still easily assimilated and metabolized. Essential oils do not get “stuck” like synthetic chemicals and fragrances do.

I called my son and he said, “these oils are fantastic, I feel great!”


Recently, I called him to see if he’d like more of any of the essential oils. To my amazement, he wanted Pink Grapefruit. This is a masculine guy. A guy who has been the national Tai Kwan Do champion a few years in a row but he wanted the oil that effected his mood the most. The essential oil that made him feel amazing, optimistic and enthusiastic.


He’s now doing great! His career continues to go well, he works out at the gym, has a new girlfriend and generously bought his ex- a home without her even asking for it!


I didn’t encourage the Pink Grapefruit – even though it’s the one I reach for daily to feel optimistic and enthusiastic because I know it helps me achieve peace, happiness and my goals more quickly and rapidly.

Plants evolved for thousands of years alongside man. And, they have survived their own attacks of bacteria, fungi, viruses and they bring these magical healing capacities to us.

Let me share with you some of the other amazing benefits of Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil:

·         Anorexia--helps with feelings of self-approval. Uplifts our moods.

·         Appetite Suppression--Many lovers of grapefruit essential oil note that it curbs cravings and emotional eating or binge eating when used aromatically or as a flavoring (heavy dilution is recommended).

·         Bulimia--alleviates depression,  it may also balance a depressed appetite when used aromatically.

·         Cardiovascular Support—Add a drop in an ounce of carrier oil or lotion and massage toward your heart.

·         Cellulite--Mix 1-2 drops with carrier oil and massage into the body in a kneading pattern during a shower or upon waking.

·         Energize--Increase your energy levels naturally by diffusing the oil in a diffuser or placing a drop onto a clay aromatherapy diffuser you purchase.  (Really great for children who are suffering too much stimulation or anxiety or depression, going through divorces, moves, or just life!)

·         Hangover— although resulting often from a lack of water as alcohol is extremely dehydrating one can diffuse or use a clay diffuser. Some people even add one drop to a large eight ounce glass of water. Make sure to drink additional water each day and see your physician if suffering any other maladies or diseases.

·         Jet Lag—Awesome for use while traveling to help elevate your energy levels.

·         Lymphatic Decongestant/Cleansing--add a drop to your lotion and massage into the skin, starting at your hands and feet and move towards the heart.

·         Mental Stress--Diffuse throughout the room or wear a diffuser it creates awesome optimism, clarity and confidence.

·         Migraine Headaches--Especially good for migraines that come from stress

·         Obesity--Exposure to grapefruit essential oil has been shown to decrease the appetite and help you lose weight. Use it aromatically throughout the day (your author here stays slim with it)!

·         Overeating--Decrease binge eating and cravings by diffusing the oil as needed – using a diffuser is easier and less expensive than carrying a bottle and also easier on the liver than a direct application or drinking.

·         Performance Stress--Add to sugar scrubs, wear a diffuser during exam time or before a race, add to bath oils, all enhance one’s confidence.

·         PMS--Add to a bath, sugar scrubs, homemade soaps often have pink grapefruit essential oils (check Etsy), add to your diffuser or dilute in a carrier oil such as almond, coconut, jojoba or your favorite and massage over your lower abdomen or solar plexus. Always circle as though a clock is on your stomach. Gently moving your hands as though the hands of the clock in a clockwise motion. Clary Sage is another great oil for hormone balance.

·         Withdrawals—Addictions can be overcome with Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil – again this is one I used myself when quitting smoking—along with meditation.