How to Caress Your Tresses

I believe that everybody needs to moisturize their hair at least three times per week, regardless of their hair type.

This is because your hair will look and feel at its best if you regularly give is an oil therapy treatment it in order to replace lost moisture and also to regulate scalp. In fact, if your hair could speak it would tell you that it loves to be massaged and cleaned with the lovely Rosemary Herbal extract included in our hair serum.

This applies to all hair types, not just thinning hair. I know from past experience that people with hair that is very thin or has been subjected to chemicals either through medical treatments or through dyes and coloring have scalps which need cleansing, massaging and hydrating. The Rose Hip Seed oil included in our hair serum is brilliant for correcting those imperfections.  People think that their scalps will automatically correct for these damages and although the scalp does, it often needs help when nature or chemicals have taken their toll.

And, people with dry hair to go to the other extreme by insisting on using hair serums that are very thick and heavy. Weighty oils and treatments, weigh down the hair causing it to lose its bounce. People with dry hair tell me they need something heavy, but a light moisturizing applied to the ends and any areas that are feeling straw-like will benefit tremendously from a daily light spritz to these troubled areas.


La Magie uses absolutes and essential oils derived from many different plants, herbs, and flowers thereby creating the perfect environment for the hair follicle to thrive. Additional benefits can be achieved with an improved diet which will be the subject of our next blog – stay tuned!

At La Magie, we use absolutes like lavender which has a higher linalool content than the essential oil and creates the strongest environment for your hair to become thick, lush and beautiful. Other oils we use include Argan, Sweet Almond – rich in vitamins and minerals – as well as additional essential oils.

Our essential oils are certified and GC/MS tested. GC/MS means gas chromatography / mass spectroscopy. It is a tool used in the lab which identifies the various components which make up the total essential oil and/or absolute.  This means that our essential oils are unadulterated which considering the marketplace of 80% adulterated essential oils is very important to you the consumer. Being the best is never easy nor inexpensive but it does mean that our products work.


Additionally, all our carrier oils are either wild-crafted or certified organic so that you do not receive additional toxins on your delicate head and hair.  Our essential oils ensure that your application has an extremely high efficacious rate using only the latest research available to maximize their effectiveness.

They leave your hair soft and silky and you can style your hair after conditioning and shampooing.

Ideally, you should use our serum before each shower for twenty minutes. The time the serum stays on the scalp is important and we just would like you to achieve maximum effect. This happens best by pre-conditioning rather than using in your shampoo.

Our La Magie serum will be adding a new skincare serum with an organic Rose Hip Seed oil as well as additional essential oils and absolutes arriving to Amazon next week.  The lovely hair you’ve achieved will make the perfect frame for your newly lovely skin.

You can read more about them by clicking here. If you decide to try them I’d love to hear from you with any comments that you might have.

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