Create Your Own Beautiful Diffuser

  • Metal diffuser pendant / locket
  • Matching crystal, metal or beaded chain
  • Matching metal jump rings buying a variety pack is usually the best option for the best price
  • Matching metal clasps which you like
  • Felt fabric or thin cork
  • Needle nosed pliers - useful to have 2
  • Small wire cutters
  • Beads or crystals - I use 108 to make malas - add one bead for your "guru" bead and don't touch it.
  • Rose quartz for heart
  • Emerald for heart healing
  • Citrines for abundance

Measure your chain or bead length. 

Use the wire cutters to gently cut the chain.

Now use your needle nosed pliers to pull apart two small jump rings just enough to be able to slide one through each end of the chain.

Work on one end at a time, slide each jump ring through an end of the necklace chain. Then, slide the clasp ends onto each jump ring.

Gently squeeze the jump rings back together so there is no gap anymore – do this by the sides, and then from the top/bottom to get it tight.

Cut small squares of felt fabric.

Add 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil(s) to the felt and place inside your DIY essential oil diffuser locket necklace.

You can now enjoy the benefits of therapeutic essential oils drifting up to you from your beautiful jewelry. Whenever you want to change your scent, just put in a new piece of felt, add drops of oil(s), and you are good to go!