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Research has led us to discover that just a single oil could be "antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, antidepressant, antioxidant, et al." 


You may think, 'that is ridiculous, they are really stretching it to expect me to believe one little essential oil can do all this!'


Meditating, returning to nature, it has dawned on us latently in the 21st century that like the sun rising and breaking through our minds cluttered with pharmaceutical advertising dollars of people waltzing into the sunset while the announcer reads through a list of deadly toxins and poisons that can cause "heart attacks, clots, dizziness and more" that Mother Nature's essential oils are the plants' immune system. And, for that little rose or jasmine or basil to grow it needed to be able to withstand all the bacteria and viruses naturally occurring and growing around it. Additionally, what presented itself beautifully was that nature provides cures at the same location as she provides diseases.  An example of Mother Nature's wisdom is beautifully detailed by the example of basil, ocimum bascilicum, growing in the same region as many of the diseases it cures - especially malaria. A paper describing the benefits of basil, Ocimum basilicum for malaria at NIH can be found here.


In another study, Chamomile and Thyme were found to destroy over 90% of cancer cells found in the breast tissue located here.  The list can go on and will be posted with updates from time-to-time with the latest developments in research which are popping up everywhere like so many lovely flowers on a Spring day.


There is not a great deal of money to be made for a huge pharmaceutical to sell you basil so, there isn't sufficient research and development (R&D) being done but nevertheless, as people grow tired of spending their lives working for money only to spend their money saving their lives, better, more holistic and healthy paths are quickly rising to our global conscious awareness. And, this allows you to benefit from the natural properties of Mother Nature's essential oils.


If an essential oil rejuvenates our livers, our skin cells, our hair - then we would be wise to enjoy the benefits of the much lower costs of complementary medical paths.


In another parallel path being explored, it has been found that the fragrances emitted by the volatile molecules of essential oils are received by the receptor cells of our olfactory glands and transmitted via these paths to our amygdala which resides in the center most portion of our brain know to physicians as the "reptilian" part of the brain as it is the oldest part of the brain developed in humans. The amygdala resides here, next to the "Master Gland" of the body, the pituitary gland, which controls all the other glandular systems of the body:  the pineal, the reproductive, the liver, the entire endocrine system which sends messengers all over the body for: eating, sleeping, smelling, waking, being joyful, feeling sensual, giving us energy, appetites, signaling we are full and more! 


And, these little essential oils which are the plants own enzymes, carry small molecules which effect the endocrine systems within our bodies too helping to regulate our activity.


It is impossible to list all the actions of each and every herbal, floral, root, seed and other essential oils on this website. But we will endeavor to add more and more material as time goes on. There is an awesome website called, "Organic Facts," which can be accessed to provide more detail on Essential Oils as well as other fantastic information for your living joyfully and healthfully with you and your loved ones. Remember Health is our first Wealth! 


Below are a list of therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

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