Lymphatic cleanse - Pure Organic & Wild-Crafted Essential Oils & Absolutes

Lymph flows slowly upward through the body to the top of the chest at approximately three quarts a day.  The lymph circulatory system is the largest circulatory system in the body - larger even than blood demonstrating its great importance.

Lymph collects, is filtered in, and then passes from over 600 lymph nodes within our bodies' lymphatic systems.  Twenty to thirty large nodes are deep under the armpits and upper chest regions.

Lymph from the legs and genitals collects in and drains through a large collection of nodes in the groin. Lymph fluid also flows down from the head through the neck. Lymph from the nose, lips, and teeth drain through lymph nodes in the floor of the mouth. Other nodes are found in the tonsils and adenoids.

This is a one-directional flow.They engulf and destroy many foreign and toxic particles with specialized cells called lymphocytes which produce antibodies to protect our bodies fromviruses, bacteria, yeast, and other organisms.

In a healthy state, lymph nodes are about the size of almonds. However, when they are overloaded with excess toxins, they swell and become painful. This occurs when the body experiences colds and infections.