Spiritual oils

Essential Oils for Spiritual Growth Coming: Limited Collection 2016

Included in the Spiritual Growth Limited Edition Collection are six Essential Oils which enhance and increase one's ability to grow spiritually. Along with the oils is provided a link to a booklet describing how to use each oil. Included in our Viva La Magie Kit are:  Lemon Essential Oil, Clary Sage Essential Oil, Cistus - also known as Labdanum - or Rock Rose essential oil; Rose, Vetiver and Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil.


There are many other essential oils that are valuable to our spiritual growth and I will list oils for each in the coming months.

Rhododendron - native to Bhutan and Nepal.  Significantly, rhododendron - anthopogon is collected and gathered by the Sherpas and Bhutanese as a sacred fragrant offering burnt to please and harmonize the earthly divine, especially the local environment's earth element. It is used in Bhutan and Nepal on the skin and hair and has grounding, calming and centering properties.

Spiritual growth is in essence a journey to love and light. There are many roads which lead home to our souls. Some are more direct, some more circuitous, and it's never our job to judge another person's choices. We have no idea of all the changes in their lives nor the goals they have in this life.

The Vedic texts - some of the oldest known texts on Mother Earth  describe four different paths, called the Yogic Paths.

These roads are called:  Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Raja Yoga.

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